By Elizabeth Puckett

C&R Racing is well-known for providing professional motorsports teams with some of the best and most reliable cooling systems and components. The company is in a constant stage of developing new cutting-edge designs, and their aftermarket lines of racing and custom products have been rapidly growing over the years. Their main highlight for this year is the addition of several new radiators for various applications. These parts will elevate your performance by maximizing cooling efficiency.

Enthusiasts with a 1955-1957 Chevy that’s powered by a small block V6 and automatic transmission, owners of 2016-2017 Camaros with V8, 2016-2017 Ford Mustang GT owners, and 2006-2016 6.1L-6.4L SRT powered Dodge drivers will get the benefit of the technology found in the Extruded Tube aluminum module radiator.

The Extruded Tubes provide a single tube that contacts the fins, which will in-turn eliminate the air gap commonly present on most standard cores. The new applications for the 1955-1957 Chevy and 2016-2017 Camaro models also feature a Race-Fin design and sub-headers for increased durability.

The 1955-1957 Chevy with LS or LT swap and automatic transmission radiator also features the Extruded-Tube core, with the addition of water-jetted mounts for dual SPAL shrouded fan and a/c condenser mounts.

Another, small but important, component n offered as a part of their new product lineup is the C&R Racing Universal Surge Can. This is a spun aluminum overflow can that makes it super convenient to outfit your module conversion.ow

These aftermarket radiators and components products and more are now available from C&R Racing.

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