By David Chick

New from C&R – an extruded tube aluminum radiator for the 2016 Camaro LT V8. This radiator’s extruded tubes allow for better heat transfer, and it has subheaders for better durability. See more details below.

Official Release:

C&R offers the latest in cooling system technology with an extruded tube aluminum radiator for the 2016 Camaro LT V8. Extruded tubes provide a single continuous tube to contact the fins, eliminating the air gap as found in most standard cores. This equates to more tube to fin contact, aiding in better heat transfer. This radiator also features a reinforced Race-Fin design and subheaders for increased durability. It also includes a 5 plate all aluminum transmission oil cooler for automatic or manual transmissions. This new C&R radiator is designed to use the Camaro’s factory original, electric cooling fan and is capable of handling up to 700 real-world horsepower. Manufactured in the USA, this radiator uses a high PSI, race grade core to provide the kind of longevity that Camaro owners require. An easy to use drain petcock tops off the precision part.


  • Eliminates air gap found in standard radiators
  • Better heat transfer over stock
  • Reinforced Race-Fin design and subheaders for increased durability

This release is courtesy of: LSX Magazine

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