| JULY 03, 2018

Whether you are building a hot rod, muscle car, or just looking for an upgrade when it comes to airflow, then C&R Racing has plenty of options for your vehicle. When it comes to upgrading the cooling system, an electric fan offers enhanced airflow to help keep things cool under the hood. The 11-inch Dual High-Performance Fan is a pull-style fan which allows for increased CFM that results in improved cooling. A pull fan is mounted between the radiator and the engine; this design improves the efficiency of the radiator because it pulls air through thus speeding up the cooling process. A pull fan moves more air than the push style (a fan mounted in front of the radiator), which is incredibly important for high-performance applications. With increased horsepower from power adders or on a well-built naturally aspirated engine, the need for reliable cooling becomes crucial.

When aluminum blocks, cylinder heads, and intakes offer the weight savings, but they are also sensitive to heat. Power adders only increase the strain on the existing cooling system and that is when an electric fan can really be helpful. With a capacity of 2720 CFM, this pull fan can reduce the temperatures under the hood thus keeping plenty of power on demand. By adding an electric fan from a trusted source such as C&R Racing, you can rest assured that your car will have plenty of air to keep things cool.


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