By VINNY COSTA | JUNE 13, 2018

Founded back in 1988 by Chris Paulsen, C&R Racing began life as a fabrication and machine shop serving the IndyCar industry. Paulsen worked as a chief mechanic for top drivers, and honed his skills. He recognized a need for top tier cooling components, and as such became a well-known source for cooling solutions in the NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA Drag Racing, and IMSA SportsCar Racing worlds. Over time, C&R Racing became a leading manufacturer of cooling products and is now recognized as the go-to supplier for the highest quality cooling components in multiple industries, not only racing.

Recently, C&R joined the PWR family of companies, which has enabled them to expand their capabilities. PWR has built a legacy of their own in a similar capacity as C&R. In Australian Off-Road racing, V8 Supercar, and Australian Safari Competition, PWR had a chance to develop their wares in the most extreme driving conditions. This enabled them to produce the most advanced cooling technology. Now that these two companies have joined forces, they are able to supply a broad group of competitive race teams, industrial vehicle fleets, specialized military applications, and car enthusiasts that demand the most from their vehicles.

The video above shows just what has made C&R a leader in the cooling industry. With their advanced manufacturing techniques, and state-of-the-art technology, they now produce a range of high-performance aluminum radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers.

This drop-in ready radiator from C&R features dual SPAL soft mount fans, and industry-leading aluminum core technology that pro-touring and track cars will really benefit from.

Improving upon the age-old design of radiators, C&R has developed a revolutionary advancement in cooling technology with their extruded tube aluminum radiators that feature a reinforced race fin design. Every C&R radiator is built to it’s finished size, as opposed to many manufacturers that use a universal core that is subsequently cut down to accommodate custom applications. C&R’s race fin design is also cross-braced for additional strength and durability, which features a uniquely shaped aluminum fin that provides better cooling.

These radiators are so tough, they have a 100psi burst rating – which they claim is triple that of any other performance radiator in the world. Each radiator is welded specifically for increased torsional rigidity. All four corners are reinforced which makes for an even more robust radiator. Customers can purchase the radiator as a stand-alone drop in OEM replacement unit, or upgrade and get a preassembled module from C&R that features SPAL electric fans, steam kit, and all the necessary accessories. Each radiator comes with a billet filler neck, a petcock, and all the necessary fittings.

With the summer months putting your ride through its paces, keep your engine cool with a new radiator from C&R. They can handle anything from your daily-driven street car, to your track ready racecar, and everything in between. You can find all this and more at

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